Sunday, March 30, 2008

Illustration Friday - "Homage"

For this week's Illustration Friday I wanted to pay homage to Sponge Bob paying homage to his spatula or "Spatchy" as he calls it.  I have two kids so I know WAY TOO MUCH about Sponge Bob- but I love it.  Sponge Bob was done in Illustrator.  The background was done in Photoshop.  The sand is taken from a photo- in the show they like to use real objects and place them into some scenes.  It took about 4 hours for this. 


Megan said...

GASP! I love your Spongebob! It put a big grin on my face when i saw him! :) Great Job!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

Sponge Bob rocks!


Vhrsti said...

Cool works here, Scott! Love how you use the vivid colors.

van dyke said...

Lovely work. Great energy and vibrant colors! Good to see Sponge Bob on IF, makes me smile!

Tracy said...

You did an amazing job with SB! I have 2 kiddoes too, but I won't blame them for me knowing everything about SpongeBob...I love that show! I think I've seen every episode 25 times (except these newer ones, of course!) My all time favorite is when he brings the jellyfish home to dance all night long. You did an awesome job...maybe you should apply at Nickelodeon! :) Very impressive...

rbaird said...

Really well done.
My fave is when Sponge Bob thinks no one will talk to him because he's ugly, but finds out it's his bad milkshake breath!
See there are other SB fans!

Ellen said...

Nice Job!

James Elston said...

My daughter calls him Bob-Bob.
nice job Scooter,
You oughtta think about one day doing art for a living. I think you're good enough. Maybe some day you could work for Disney!
Or maybe you could do mall tours and draw Aladdin for people.
You know what would really be great? If you could earn more sessions by sleeving. Maybe then you could fight the seether.

by the way, I haven't commented in a while, I have been checking out your blog every week, and I like the work you do. I like that jazzy construction worker one you did a week or two ago also.

its all goood.

The Lady Laura said...

Great job! it looks just like Spongebob! I watch the show on a daily basis for hours on end!

I remember the one episode where SB replaced Spatchy with the fancy snooty French spatula. I was so sad. Your illo reminds me off the way things should be with Spatchy!