Friday, July 25, 2008

Illustration Friday - "Canned"

For this weeks Illustration Friday I'll share a spot I finished 2 weeks ago.  I was going to do a new one but this worked out perfect for the topic of "Canned".  It was done for curriculum for a 2nd grade english book.  It's one spot in a series of spots for a crazy story about a mom who keeps her kids in a can of peas- kinda freaky huh?  I also attached the rough...and I don't know why.

Here's the rough (note the text) -man I have horrible handwriting.  Being an illustrator shouldn't I have nice designy handwriting?  If it weren't for fonts I'd be in a bad place:) 

What I did this summer, so far....

WOW!  It's been a crazy busy summer and the summer isn't over yet.  Here's some of the projects I've been working on these past few months....
-The 2 top images (rat and rat with cat) were conceptual images done for a pitch I didn't get:(  But I had a blast doing them and like how they turned out.
-The hockey image is for a children's puzzle magazine. 
-The girl holding the news paper image is for Sunday School curriculum.
-The last image, the grasshopper and ant image is for 2nd grade english curriculum.

Here's some vector images from a few different clients.  The first image is for a Dental website- not sure if they have it up and running yet.  The second image is a poster for some Sunday School curriculum.  The last image is a 6 foot tall stand up to be used in a VBS (Vacation Bible School) setting.  They are going to have it were the kangaroos and koala's faces can be pulled back and kids can have their faces showing for pictures.   I love how easy it is to make corrections and also send vector files.  

That's my summer so far...