Saturday, October 25, 2008

Illustration Friday - "Repair"

  For this weeks Illustration Friday topic of "Repair" I went kinda Halloweeny.  I got slammed with work this week (totally busy) and wasn't going to do an illustration- but while giving my kids a bath last night I did a quick sketch of this little evil scientist "repairing" his super evil brain.  AND THEN I woke up at 3:30 am and couldn't sleep.  So... I got up and started finishing off this illo.  It took about 3.5 hours and was done in Photoshop/Illustrator/and sleep deprivation.   

Monday, October 20, 2008

Illustration Friday - "Late"

  For this weeks Illustration Friday topic of "Late" I went with that rabbit from Alice In Wonderland who kept saying "I'm late, I'm late!"  It took about 2 hours and was done in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Illustration Friday - "Strings"

  For this weeks Illustration Friday topic of "Strings" I went with the phrase "Look mom, no strings!".  I love the show Heroes and have been wanting to illustrate the cheerleader (Claire Bennet) for a while.  (Save the cheerleader, save the world!)  In this image Claire finds out her new guy friend has the power of flight and takes her for a ride around town.  I don't know where the expression "Look mom, no strings" came from, but that's what inspired this illustration (he can fly without strings).  It took about 6 hours, 3 slices of pizza, and a Pepsi:)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Illustration Friday - "Sugary"

  For this weeks Illustration Friday topic of "Sugary" I was going for cute and morbid.  The whole idea for the illustration started because I just wanted to draw a witch in tights with red and white stripes.  That's how it started but it went in a different direction.  It took 5 hours and was done in Illustrator and Photoshop.
  The second image I did earlier this week when I was waiting for a couple of roughs to be approved.  I have robots stuck in head.  So here's my version of Lost In Space with little Will Robinson.  I changed up the robot, but also kept some of his design from the TV show/Movie.  It took about 6 hours and was done in Illustrator/Photoshop.  I might have spent too much time on my own illustrations this week, and not enough on paying jobs- but sometimes it's just too fun to stop:)

Jerry Maguire on Illustration

This is kinda random, but here goes.  I have movies playing as background noise most of the time I'm illustrating.  I heard a line in Jerry Maguire that I think applies to what Illustrators do.  Jerry is talking to Rod Tidwell and dialog goes like this...
  "I'll tell you why you don't have your ten million dollars yet.  Right now you are a paycheck player.  You play with your head, not your heart.  In your personal life- heart!  But when you get on the field it's all about what you didn't get, who's to blame, who under threw the pass, who's got a contract you don't, who's not giving you your love.  You  know what? - That's NOT what inspires people.  Just shut up and play the game!  Play it from your heart!  And you know what?  I'll show you the "quan".  And that's the truth- that's the truth!  Can you handle it?  It's just a question between friends.  You knowwww?!"
  So here's 2 things he said that I think can make an illustrator more successful AND happy...
1) "Don't be a paycheck player/illustrator"  Don't make it just about the money.  Make it about the pure enjoyment/fun/passion of creating with your own unique talent.  If you're enjoying what your illustrating it's gonna be WAY better than if it's just a paycheck.  And the better work you do, the more work you will get.
2) "Play it/illustrate it from your heart".  Illustrating from your heart is different for each illustrator but so important.  Art Directors (and you) can tell when you just "crank" it out and when you illustrate it with passion and heart.  The more heart you use in illustration the more people will want to use you- because people who have passion and heart for what they do "inspire people".  If your clients are inspired by you and your work- you're most likely building a strong "personal relationship" that will lead to more work opportunities.  And that's my random thought on Jerry Maguire and illustration...